The "Fun Stuff"

 Jona Poma here:

A few months after we started the Free Walks Loja tour project in town, there was a huge festival happening in the city. This is the "Festival de Artes Vivas" (Live Arts Festival) that is celebrated in Loja every November for about 10 days. At first, as is usual in every entrepreneurship, we didn't have many customers so we decided to look for them while delivering leaflets in the streets. That's how I ran into Susy and Ron, two retired people visiting our town who were struggling with their Spanish. I told them about our free walking tour in Loja, and Ron asked for more information. I said we visit the Concepcionist Nuns Museum, the Music Museum, Loja's main squares, churches and, at that time, we used to offer a wine tasting experience at the end of the tour instead of the coffee tasting that we offer now.

When I finished explaining everything to Ron he said: "Hey Susy, come here! These are the guys who do the FUN STUFF in Loja." The woman came back over to us, and was happy with the idea of taking a two hour walking tour with a bilingual guide. Next thing that happened was the couple came to take the 3:15 pm tour, and we had a wonderful tour that lasted more than 4 hours. They were really kind and asked lots of questions about the city at every single stop. I have to admit it was a challenging tour, but I made it.

When the tour was over they asked for my Facebook page, along with some other information, and then we said goodbye Next day, as soon as I opened my Facebook account, there was a notification stating that somebody had shared the Free Walks Loja fanpage with an 18,000 member group recommending that everyone visit Loja to take our tours! I have to admit I felt grateful and flattered that this couple did that. There are several people who have mentioned knowing about us from that post. I guess they really felt they did the "fun stuff" on our walking tour.

Ron's post recommending our guiding services to his friends


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