We WIN in Las Vegas!

Jona Poma here:

A few months ago two women, one from from Las Vegas, and one from México, took the Free Walks Loja tour with me. I had a really good tour with them because we were all willing to share our experiences about trips we'd taken to different parts of the world. Instead of having a typical tour with me explaining different aspects of Loja, we became good friends while talking about our lives. Sometimes the best tours are the private ones with very few people.

We finished our walk in Loja with a coffee tasting stop, which both visitors loved. When we finished our coffee, the ladies gave me a tip for taking them on tour,  and they invited me to hang out that night. We went out to one of the city's free Jueves Cultural concerts, and then we went for a beer where there's a nice view of the city. It was a wonderful night and I knew the next day they had to start their return to Las Vegas and to Perú, respectively.

I thought I would never hear from them again, but a month later, the woman from Las Vegas sent me an email asking me to take her friend from the U.S. on a tour in Loja. A week later her friend was here and she gave me a really nice t-shirt that the woman from Las Vegas had sent for me. Once again, we had a really great tour with her friend, who was a psychiatrist. We spent the entire day together, because after the walking tour, we went to Loja's Botanical Garden and Wind Farm.

Sometimes the world becomes smaller. I know this because a woman from Las Vegas recommended our Free Walks tour to her friends back home, and for a day I felt we are all connected at one point in time. I hope to see all of these visitors again someday.


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