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Colada Morada and Day of the Dead

The History of “Colada Morada”

“Colada Morada” and “bread figures” have been part of the gastronomic culture of Ecuador for centuries. The traditional colada morada holiday drink, made during Ecuador’s “Day of the Dead” celebration, is composed of purple flour, blackberries, orange leaf, pineapple, babaco, mortiño cinnamon and strawberry.

How long have the coladas been consumed?

Colada Morada has been enjoyed for more than 5.000 years - since the pre-columbian cultures that inhabited the territories known now as Ecuador. Early peoples collected pineapples, strawberries, blackberries and mortiño in the sub tropical zones. As soon as these people started using fire and clay pots to cook the collected fruits, they realized they could transform them into a tasty “colada.” The fruits were also mixed with starches such as corn, potatoes and quinoa. Such was the origin of these traditional types of hot Ecuadorian drinks.

Later these drinks were used to celebrate the beginning and the end of t…

3er Festival Internacional de Artes Vivas - Festival de Loja (FIAVL) 2018, November 15th to 25th

Here is Free Walks Loja's English - Spanish bilingual guide to Loja's Live Arts Festival (FIAVL) 2018.  Below the schedule of events is a street guide for the performance locations.  Below that is an English version of the descriptions of this year's international performers.  Follow this link ( to see the original descriptions in Spanish and video promos of the international acts provided by the festival committee.  Have a great festival!  If you have any questions about the festival or visiting Loja, please contact us at: 

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19:00/7pm "Martina The Little Cockroach" Children's theater musical play performed by The Little Beehive, Cuba (All ages) 


Music provides sustenance in Loja

A couple of years ago it was reported by El Telegrafo "In Loja, three thousand families subsist thanks to artistic activities, especially music."(1) Not 3000 people but 3000 FAMILIES. Let's explore that a bit.

Loja is known as the Music Capitol of Ecuador, and for good reason. Music permeates almost every aspect of life in the city. Nearly every bus and taxi plays music. Many stores have music playing, often directed toward the sidewalk to lure in customers. Restaurants of all sizes will have background music. It is not unusual to encounter buskers on the sidewalks offering up a variety of fare. One will even hear music coming from churches, or behind school walls, or from private residences.

Music is the lifeblood, or heartbeat, or pulse, of the city of Loja. On a walk around town in the evening I can almost guarantee you will encounter someone with a musical instrument. During afternoon siesta I've witnessed people dancing on rooftops. Attend a concert and don'…