3er Festival Internacional de Artes Vivas - Festival de Loja (FIAVL) 2018, November 15th to 25th

Here is Free Walks Loja's English - Spanish bilingual guide to Loja's Live Arts Festival (FIAVL) 2018.  Below the schedule of events is a street guide for the performance locations.  Below that is an English version of the descriptions of this year's international performers.  Follow this link (https://www.festivaldeloja.com/en/portfolio_page/gabriel-chame/) to see the original descriptions in Spanish and video promos of the international acts provided by the festival committee.  Have a great festival!  If you have any questions about the festival or visiting Loja, please contact us at: 

email / correo electrónico to: freewalksloja17@gmail.com  

telephone, text, or Whatsapp inquiries 24 hours a day to: +593997953568, +593986745994
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Arts Festival Thursday November 15th Loja Ecuador


19:00/7pm "Martina The Little Cockroach" Children's theater musical play performed by The Little Beehive, Cuba (All ages) 

19:00/7pm Special Concert  by Symphony Orchestra of Loja and The Voices Quartet (All ages) 


20:30/8:30pm "Gypsy Express" performed by The Circus Cat from Colombia (All ages) 

Arts Festival Friday November 16th Loja Ecuador


17:00/5pm "Lines and Contours of an Abyss" by Laura Aris and CND

17:00/5pm "Mina_A" Mina Project, Ecuador, La Casona PB New room

19:00/7pm Media Llama a Charge, Zero no Zero theater, Ecuador La Casona

19:00/7pm Powder, La Fabrica, body - space, Ecuador Cultural Center Alfredo Mora R

19:00/7pm "Martina The Little Cockroach" Play performed by The Little Beehive Cuba, San Sebastian square - Bolívar and Mercadillo Streets 

20:30/8:30pm "Lines and Contours of an Abyss" by Laura Aris and CND

Arts Festival Saturday November 17th Loja Ecuador


17:00/5pm "Mina_A" Mina Project, Ecuador,

19:00/7pm "Media Llama a Charge, "Zero not Zero theater, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Powder, La Fabrica," body - space, Ecuador

19:00/7pm Antigone in Exile, Teatro Cenit, Colombia

20:30/8:30pm "Lojano Songs of Edgar Palacios," Ecuador

Sunday, Nov. 18th

Arts Festival Monday November 19th Loja Ecuador


11:00/11am "Kamchatka," Kamchatka, Spain

17:00/5pm "Analogy: 4 works, 1 origin," Analogy, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Drumbspeak, Los Angeles" Taiko Ensemble, Japan, 

19:00/7pm "Overcoming Sanity," Rama del Plat, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Puruwa," Confundamiento, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Bitacora," El Derrumbe, Ecuador

20:30/8:30pm "Saraguro," Lojadanza Ballet School, Ecuador
Arts Festival Tuesday November 20th Loja Ecuador


09:00/9am "Saraguro," Lojadanza Ballet School, Ecuador

11:00/11am "Kamchatka," Kamchatka, Spain

17:00/5pm "Analogy: 4 works, 1 origin," Analogy, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Drumbspeak, Los Angeles" Taiko Ensemble, Japan

19:00/7pm "Celeste" theater Arawa, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Space" You've beaten me, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Bitacora to Fly," The Derrumbe, Ecuador

Arts Festival Wednesday November 21th Loja Ecuador


16:00/4pm "Turbulence," Cactus Azul, Ecuador

17:00/5pm "Arena notes," Artemisadanza, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Celeste" theater Arawa, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Space" You've beaten me, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "The Loneliness of Susana San Juan," Coyote project, Ecuador

20:30/8:30pm "Much Ado About Nothing" The Square Theater, Peru

Arts Festival Thursday November 22th Loja Ecuador


16:00/4pm "Turbulence," Cactus Azul, Ecuador

17:00/5pm "Arena notes,"Artemisadanza, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "The Impossible Garden," Red Path Dance, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Any Given Morning," Laura Aris and Alvero Estaban, Spain

19:00/7pm "The Loneliness of Susana San Juan," Coyote project, Ecuador

20:30/8:30pm "Much Ado About  Nothing," The Square Theater, Peru

Arts Festival Friday November 23th Loja Ecuador


11:00/11am "The Canoeist," Vocalist Theater, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Dance of the Caryatids,"
 Retouramont, France

19:00/7pm "The Impossible Garden," Red Path Dance, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Any Given Morning," Laura Aris and Alvero Estaban, Spain

19:00/7pm "Othelo," Gabriel Chame, Good day, Argentina

Arts Festival Saturday November 24th Loja Ecuador


11:00/11am "The Canoeist," vocalist theater, Ecuador

16:00/4pm "The Beasts Dance," Rubberband Elastic Theater, Mexico

19:00/7pm "Breaking Boundaries," Yanatin, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Othelo," Gabriel Chame, Good day, Argentina

20:30/8:30pm "An Enemy of the People," National Theater Company of Mexico

Arts Festival Sunday November 25th Loja Ecuador


11:00/11am "Panda Castle," Company TPO, Italy

16:00/4pm "Panda Castle," Company TPO, Italy

16:00/4pm "The Beasts Dance," Rubberband Elastic Theater, Mexico

19:00/7pm "Breaking Boundaries," Yanatin, Ecuador

19:00/7pm "Dance of the Caryatids," Retouramont, France


20:30/8:30pm "An Enemy of the People," National Theater  Company of Mexico

These images belong to Ekos, the company in charge of FIAVL 2018, and all the translations are responsability of the Free Walks Loja Team. For more information about the tickets and other activities of the Festival go to: www.festivaldeloja.com


Alfredo Moro Reyes Cultural Center (Centro Cultural Alfredo Moro R.) - Lourdes and Bolivar Streets

Benjamin Carrion Theater (Teatro Benjamin Carrion) - Av. Salvador Bustamante Celi in front of Jipiro Park

Bolívar Theater - Bernardo Valdivieso and Rocafuerte Streets

La Casona Patio (parking lot of Bolivar Theater) -  Bernardo Valdivieso and Rocafuerte Streets

La Casona New Gallery (Sala Nueva, gallery inside Bolivar Theater) - Bernardo Valdivieso and Rocafuerte Streets

Loja's Park Central (Plaza Central de Loja) -  Bolivar and Eguiguren Streets  

San Sebastian Square - Bolívar and Mercadillo Streets



THE LITTLE BEEHIVE This Cuban children’s theater company, directed by Carlos Alberto Cremata, was founded on February 14, 1990.  They are currently goodwill ambassadors for UNICEF. Little by little, The Little Beehive (La Colmenita) grew from being a high quality artistic company, eventually earning itself two Grammy nominations. The Little Beehive has become an important social project working to promote human values through artistic creation. The company encourages the participation of all children and adolescents---whether coming from ordinary conditions, with special needs, or at-risk situations---to enjoy art and seek out unity in diversity, pushing them to achieve personal growth and actively participate in society.

MARTINA THE LITTLE COCKROACH This is the company's flagship production. This amazing children’s musical, with script by Julia González Carid, is a special treat for everyone who loves the very best of Caribbean musical beats.


GABRIEL CHAMÉ Founding member and actor for El Clu del Claun, a clown theater company that delighted the Ibero-American public with the new stage version of a Shakespearian classic.  Gabriel Chamé is the top billed clown in Argentina.  He is also a professor at the Seville Theater Institute, the JC Corazza Studio in Madrid, and the Ecole National de Cirque in Paris. From 1999 to 2004,  Chamé was a member of Cirque du Soleil Quidam clown act, which toured Europe, the United States, and Japan.

OTHELO: The play is an adaptation of the Shakespearean tragedy, but on a stage absolutely stripped of everyday reality. The physical play and blank verse of the original version are confrontational, yet complementary using entertaining, hilarious, and absurd language. Chamé respects the text, the poetry, and the dramatic tension of the English playwright, but adds a touch of a comic gag.


THE CIRCUS CAT This is one of the first independent contemporary circus companies in Colombia. It has a repertoire of works in small, medium and large format; several of which have received awards, including “Tropico Destino” with the Large Format Creation Award, and “La Tempestad,” which took the 2012 Iberescena Prize. They have worked on projects that included the closing ceremony of the U-20 World Cup in Bogotá, and the Inaugural Ceremony of the 2013 World Games in Cali, to name a few.

GYPSY EXPRESS: This is a show where virtuosity, risk, and humor are the main components of a diverse and fun stage event. It is a show that brings together – on the same stage – multiple artists, all of whom seduce their audience with acts that include juggling, acrobatics, aerial techniques, dance, and the gypsy music of Burning Caravan.


CENT THEATER  Since their beginning in 1992, the group has developed an interdisciplinary quest, driving an ongoing dialogue between the performing arts and the visual arts,  and creating non-conventional theatrical spaces. Also, with its methodology, El Teatro como Puente (Theater as a Bridge), the group has put in hard work in relation to theater's social commitment, leading it to win awards like the Catarsi-Teatro delle Diversità, Rome 2017; Career Award from the Colombian Ministry of Culture, 2015 and 2017; Ellen Stewart International Award, 2016; etc.

ANTIGONE IN EXILE: The play is set in the metaphorical space of exile, where Sophocles left Antigone, a place that is stuck between life and death. The stage play, in essence, provides a contemporary reading of the tragedy which, through video art projections, makes use of the theater of masks.


KAMCHÀTKA This company was created in Barcelona in 2006, when artists of various nationalities and from several artistic disciplines, all seeking something similar, began intense training in street improvisation, under the direction of Adrian Schvarzstein and following an investigation into immigration.

KAMCHÀTKA The show premiered in March 2007. It deals with the reality faced by eight lost characters in the city, each with a suitcase. Are they travelers or migrants? Naive and curious, they wear their emotions on their sleeves, know nothing about rules or the way of life, and mix in among the people. This performance has been given over 400 times, in 27 countries, and won the Jury Award for Best Show at the International MiramirO de Gent Festival, Belgium, in 2008.


ÁLVARO ESTEBAN AND LAURA ARIS  Laura Aris is a performer, choreographer, and renowned international teacher, famous for her importance in contemporary dance. Her interest lies in developing a fluid, ongoing dialogue between contemporary dance and other artistic disciplines, seeking to promote different forms of communication between the audience and the performer. She won the Lladró performer award at the Valencia Festival in 1999; outstanding student award at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, 1997; best choreography at the XI Choreographic Competition of Madrid, 1997, for “Cruza Cuando el Hombrecito esté en Verde (Cross When the Little Man is Green).”

ANY GIVEN MORNING: The performance includes Álvaro Esteban, a renowned Spanish dancer. It is a physical journey into the present, in order to realize that the past will never return. Any given morning shows us when the pieces of the puzzle no longer fit together as they once did.


RETOURAMONT This French company produces shows, tours, workshops, and provides training in vertical dance practices. The dramatic seed of the performances comes from specific forms found in architecture: materials, volumes, emptiness, the relationship with urban space, and social challenges.  Surrounded by sculptors, video creators, scientists, musicians, dancers, circus performers, etc., they work to understand the signs and materials in the architecture of public space and use them in their creations.

DANCE of the CARYATIDES: This is a performance that offers the audience a new relationship with its surroundings. The spectators will discover the place with different angles, using images projected on walls and huge cast shadows. The images dialogue with a dance in suspension.


COMPANY TPO Visual, emotional, tactile, immersive; the Italian dance group is all of this. TPO’s creations come together on an interactive stage. Using digital design, all of the plays turn into “sensitive environments,” experimenting with an ongoing fusion between art and play. Dancers, artists, and the audience share the stage, finding a common ground of enjoyment, going beyond any cultural and language barriers. The group has won several awards around the world, including the Special Jury’s Award for new stage performances at Feten 2010, in Gijon.

THE HOUSE OF PANDA: This performance won the Going to the World Award at the Shanghai Performance Arts Festival. In the show, the audience goes on an imaginary journey into Chinese stories, traditions, and culture, while they follow the path of a Panda, step by step.


LOS ANGELES TAIKO ENSEMBLE Directed by Isaku Kageyama. Isaku Kageyama has a Bachelor of Music from Berkeley College of Music and a Master of Arts from Longy School of Music at Bard College.  Kageyama is a two-time Odaiko national champion (large drum), making him the youngest person in the world to win the highest honor at the Mount Fuji Odaiko Contest in 2000, and in Hokkaido in 2003.

TAIKO DRUMS: Taiko is the name given to the traditional drums of Japan. These incredible instruments have unlimited rhythmic capacities and possibilities. Tuning these majestic instruments requires dedicated study and mastery of Japanese music and culture; who better than the taiko master Isaku Kageyama to direct the  performance. Master Kageyama will direct a group of three Japanese artists who will showcase the best of Japanese traditional music and theater.


MEXICAN NATIONAL THEATER COMPANY The Company was founded in 1977 in Mexico City to promote theater arts nationwide. Ever since being restructured in 2008, it has been under the direction of Luis de Tavira. This company promotes the theatrical tradition, as well as the participation of writers to create new works and stage classic works.

AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE: This performance is the group’s own version of the famous Ibsen play. In it, Luis Stockmann, the town doctor, discovers that waters serving the town’s health baths, which were recently opened, are highly toxic. The baths are the town’s main source of income, meaning that informing the town about this issue could lead to a debacle. Will Stockmann be willing to turn himself into the enemy of the people to bring the truth to light?


RUBBER BAND ELASTIC THEATER Founded by actress and theater director Jacqueline Serafin and visual artist Iker Vicente. This is a Mexican theater company of animated objects and figures, creating projects that push the limits of sculpture, theater, performance, and teaching, applied to street theater, using games and parties as strategies to recreate and bring meaning to the urban and stage settings where they are performed.

THE BEASTS DANCE OR THE SILENT INVOCATION OF THE SAVAGE: This is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary project which, based on research and using animated artifacts and figures, creates an exhibition space, a workshop for children and youth, and an itinerant intervention for open spaces. The three activities together work toward the symbolic act of rebuilding and giving life to a pack of wolves in search of a great deer.


THE SQUARE THEATER The theater opened on October 23, 2003, and since then, has shown 50 performances from around the world and from Peruvian playwrights, with the highest standards in artistic quality.

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING: Once again, the Plaza will honor William Shakespeare, this time with an adaptation of his classic “Much Ado About Nothing.”  The play lays out the complexities of love and the prejudices existing in a small Italian town in the 15th century. This version by Chela de Ferrari, director of La Plaza, speaks about love beyond gender. With only male actors, as was traditionally done in the Elizabethan theater, some men will play women’s roles, but without any female trappings. Undoubtedly, an interesting proposal.


CO-PRODUCTION: LAURA ARIS TOGETHER WITH THE NATIONAL DANCE COMPANY Laura Aris is an interpreter, choreographer and recognized international teacher. His professional experience includes a decade as a formal member of the Belgian company Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez (1999-2009), Lanonima Imperial and the General Elèctrica collective in Barcelona (1996-1999). Co-founder, together with Jorge Jáuregui, of the artistic platform EMBER 2009 -2014. For the past nine years he has worked as an independent artist developing his own creative practices. Laura has always combined her artistic practice with a pedagogical work recognized in the field of international contemporary dance.

LINES AND CONTOURS OF AN ABYSS: A stage show that focuses on the figure and literary universe of Pablo Palacio, a writer from Loja (1906-1947). He was a lifelong rebel who never gave in or gave up on his ideas; he was seen as living outside of the established paradigm. He was a writer uncomfortable with tradition, which, with its totalitarian face, seeks to homogenize everything, denying anyone who does not fit within its logic.

The performance wants to surrender to the immensity of Palacio’s work, its texture, its silences, its perfect disorder. It seeks to celebrate his characters, who are never heroic or romantic. Few things are braver that facing up to dishonor and human misery. There were many sides to Palacio; he was someone that no one could limit. The performance brings shape, soul, and voice to its characters through the dancers’ bodies.

*Note to all who would like to visit Loja during and after the Arts Festival:  If you are interested in one of the many bi-lingual tours we have available in Loja, please don't hesitate to contact us with social media, by email or with the cellphone numbers listed above. We are ready to answer your questions 24/7.  Have a great festival and visit to Loja, Ecuador!

 - The Free Walks Loja Team


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