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Feria de Loja - let's all go to the fair!

This year (2019) marks 190 continuous years of this binational event that was initiated by Simón Bolívar. Bolívar had a vision for promoting economic development in southern Ecuador and, one year before his death, he decreed the creation of this, the first fair in South America.

The international atmosphere of the fair derives from the opportunity for people of southern Ecuador and northern Peru to make commercial transactions while also having exchanges of culture. In addition, the fair coincides with the presence of the Virgin of El Cisne in Loja and so the timing allows travelers to also pay homage to Our Lady of the Swan.

The fair is a gathering point for both entrepreneurs and consumers from two countries. The numbers are impressive. This year there will be 1350 exhibitors, over 200 musicians, and 130 events are scheduled. The main area for the special shows is capable of seating 30,000 spectators. Last year saw over 700,000 people attend during the fair's run.

What can one …