Reviews of Free Walks Loja

“I found it very interesting. If I hadn’t taken the tour I wouldn’t know that Loja is actually a mix of culture: music, theater, dance and art.”

“The whole tour is very educational and a good way to get to know Loja You learn all…about the nuances that otherwise you wouldn’t have known.”

"Es un tour muy interesante... Apúntate"

"Música, arte, cultura, teatro... todo! Aquí encuentras todo"

"Muy recomendable, hemos conocidos bastantes puntos de la ciudad históricos, llenos de cultura, llenos de arte. Loja es una hermosa ciudad"

“It was absolutely fantastic. I’m a professor of history in the United States and Jonathan is filled with really important information about this amazing town.”

"Llegar a Loja y encontrar el walking tour ha sido espectacular superando expectativas. Jonathan es un excelente guía"

“Our lovely guide…showed us all over the place and lots of interesting things, in fact, about Loja that we would never be able to find and experience on our own.”

"Ahora estoy enamorada de Loja"

“Had a great time. It’s really good because you get lots of information that you wouldn’t normally get if you were just walking around Loja on your own.”

“Learned a lot about the city, the culture, the history, and the music and many different churches and museums. It was really interesting.”

“The history is incredibly rich. I would highly recommend this tour…I loved the stories.”

“We had a really great time. It was our first free walking tour ever and I think it’s going to our best one, ever.”


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